Monday, 24 April 2017

Media Evaulation

                                                 Media evaluation from jettwestwood

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Final Ancillary Task

This is the final draft of my ancillary promotional poster for the single "Get Away". The poster obtains the same logo as my digipak ancillary task to create synergy between the media products I have created for the band. This will enable the band to gain more recognition across multiple media platforms. I remained with the live performance snapshot of the lead singer as it reflects my aims of my ,music video which is evident in my research. I personally think this ancillary task gives a clear reflection of the the passion and joy of music and live performance. I am hoping to recreate this feeling with my music video. I also am very happy with the simplistic aesthetic of the poster which I aimed for after my poster analysis research.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Taking a second look at my digipak drafts I noticed that I was only drafting the front cover of the entire digipak. Straight away I searched online for a free download of a digipak template. This had the exact measurements of a regular digipak with outlines of the spine and disc slot. I chose this option instead of designing it myself as it would heavily help with managing my time to editing my music video. I decided to integrate my previous ancillary tasks together to for fill the front, back and inside panels. I uses logos and art work the band had sent me via emails containing three different logos.I managed to intertwine all three into the one digipak to promote the band as much as possible through one piece. The front and back cover also follow the codes and conventions of my video which is to base it round a live performance. This is evident from the crowd on the back cover and the microphone on the front cover. As the digipak is advertising a single from the band, I listed the one track on the back cover where tracks are generally listed and also advertised it on the front of the digipak, following the codes and conventions of real media products. On the inside covers, I liked the idea of it being a blackout with only the band's name on the inside cover and disc slot. I thought this would give and edge promotion for the band as they're logo would pop out to the consumer and remain. This means that the consumers of this media product are p[passive as they're consuming without any extra effort. I chose the front cover image to be the same as my promotional poster as consumers can recognise the digipak from the poster and vice versa. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of my full draft.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Analyse Target Audience Research

From publishing my survey on survey monkey, I have received over 70 individual feedback forms! An average of 87 percent of my target audience selected yes for the majority of my questions! This indicated that I have selected a reliable incentive to which to bas my music video around which will help in the promotion and success of the band! However, I obtained some alternate answers which I will take into consideration and on board in the construction of my music video. I revived a small percentage of answers which implied that they would like to see a narrative alongside a band performance in a music video. This is something I will attempt to integrate and construct in the second draft of my music video.

Location Change

My previous idea of filming on a stage has been changed as me and the band have booked out a studio in which to perform and film the music video to "Get Away". This idea arose as no music venues with stages would allow us to film our music video there and whilst in contact with a local studio that said they would allow us and help with the set up with our music video, it was a given opportunity which myself and the band had to take. The music video will still obtain the same incentive of a live performance! This will be constructed through the use of collective shots. One problem we have encountered with the studio is that the drummer will have to perform in a separate room to the rest of the band. This will slightly interrupt the live feel I am hoping to achieve. However, I am setting up a separate camera in the drum room and cutting it into the rest of the music video, enhancing the focus and importance of the drummer in the song, and how he maintains the beat and timing of the entire song.

Momento Film Analysis

I have recently been introduced to the film Momento (2000). The movie features a previous insurance investigator who cannot build or maintain memories of his previous experiences.He begins to discover that his wife has been brutally murdered as it is the last memory embodied in his brain. As the movie progresses, one story line begins to proceed and develop as the other storyline retreats and reverses, unveiling different elements and events each time it occurs.
As a class we researched the genre classification of the movie and settled on a mystery/ film noir genre as it features codes and conventions of both genres, fitting it into the category. The essence of film noir aspects is evident throughout the entirety of the film as black and white effects are heavily used alongside dark and mystique, ambiguous characters. The black and white shots are mainly used in the past tense narrative of the film.  The protagonist of the film obtains a huge ambiguity as we as an audience understand his incentive to kill but on the other hand portrays a sense of justice and experiences frequent disorientation.
The movie also embodies a femefatale. This is a seductive female character that brings down the protagonist character. The ending of the film is very wide open for interpretation, also drawing the film further towards film noir.
The close of the film personally drew me to the narrative and story line to the rest of the film as I wished to make a conclusion on the storyline as a whole. Watching the film the second time around caused me to notice certain elements in the mis en scene which I did not notice the first time around and further shaped meaning as they were important to the narrative. This appealed to me because I appreciated the effort and time it took to create a narrative and structure of this quality into the film.